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Machines at a manufacturing plant

Manufacturing Industry Overview 2019

The manufacturing industry is made up of a variety of companies. There is major competition within the industry that has made it a breeding ground for financial issues. There are a number of challenges that

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How to Improve Bad Business Credit

Most small business financing options require a good credit score and businesses that can’t offer that may feel like they are fighting a losing battle. Banks rarely approve small businesses loans, and statistics have proven

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How To Leverage Social Media For Profits

Creating a sustainable social media campaign doesn’t come with a guide and the promise of results. It’s just recently that marketers have realized the importance of including social media as a part of their marketing

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Worried businessman looking at company figures.

Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Small businesses have their fair share of hurdles but when lack of funds is the main problem, it’s apparent that the business is in dire need of help. The Small Business Administration (SBA) published data

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Construction project

Construction Industry Overview 2019

The construction industry has been faring well these past few years, and that has positively changed the economy. At times, the overall picture seemed bleak. But with technology advancements and a booming economy, the industry

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Businesses extent trade credit on receivables.

What is Trade Credit?

Businesses looking for short-term finance are often faced with obstacles that restrict them. The funds they require to run their business smoothly are hard to come by, and hence, they need to assess the available

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