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government contract financing document

Getting Government Contract Financing

The federal government provides great opportunities for small businesses. Each year, our federal government spends billions of dollars for services and supplies. Whether you have a large or small-scale businesses, government contracts can be a

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Freight containers at the dock.

How Freight Bill Factoring Helps Truckers

A strong transportation infrastructure can ensure a strong foundation for all the businesses involved. And with over 15 million freight trucks of all shapes and sizes in our country’s transportation network, it’s essential that all

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Factoring in global commerce

International Factoring Code of Ethics

Businesses dealing with international clients come across their fair share of challenges. Because of the difference in time and language, companies face a number of hurdles that can cause severe strain on their business if

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Mazon provides oilfield factoring services.

Oilfield Factoring Services

Mazon Associates is a Dallas factoring company that’s been providing oil and gas factoring services since 1976, making us the most experienced factoring company in the Texas oil and gas industry. We have a large portfolio

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