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Truck factoring companies provide cash advances for truckers.

Truck factoring companies

Factoring companies help trucking companies with cash flow and freight bill collections. A trucking company sells their invoices or freight bills to the truck factoring company and the factoring company advances them cash immediately, often

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Freight factoring companies provide cash advances.

Freight Factoring Companies

There are a large number of freight factoring companies, also referred to as truck factoring companies, in the U.S. and Canada. They all provide freight factoring services for the freight and trucking industry, but there are

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Freight factoring improves cash flow

Freight Factoring

Invoice factoring is an incredible financial service for trucking companies of all sizes. Freight factoring helps owner-operators, small fleets as well as larger carriers to get paid immediately for loads that have been delivered. The

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Trucking factoring is used by trucking companies of all sizes.

Trucking Factoring

Trucking companies all across the country use trucking factoring, also referred to as freight factoring, to get cash for their delivered loads as soon as possible. Independent owner operators, small fleets, large fleets and nationwide

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Staffing is growing

Staffing Employment

The American Staffing Association reported that staffing employment hit the highest level since 2008. The week ending Jan 13 grew 4% to the same period last year. Contract and temporary staffing was .3% higher than

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Government contract factoring

Government Contract Factoring

The recent government shutdown has affected thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of government employees and contractors. While government employees will receive back-pay for their time-off, many government contractors won’t get paid and they’ll entirely

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Trucking factoring service

Transportation Factoring

Transportation factoring, sometimes referred to as trucking factoring or freight factoring, is a common way to fund your trucking or transportation business. Factoring provides cash advances on your invoices and eases the burden of collecting

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Staffing factoring service

Payroll Funding

The staffing industry is undergoing rapid changes and needs the benefits of invoice factoring, or specifically payroll funding. With more companies outsourcing different processes and operations, the number of staffing companies has increased exponentially over

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Oil and gas factoring

Permian Oil and Gas

As oil prices trend up, so does the need for oil and gas factoring in the Texas Permian Basin. After several years in the doldrums, especially in Texas’s oil-rich areas of Midland and other areas

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Benefits of invoice factoring

Invoice Factoring

New and growing companies can benefit greatly from invoice factoring, also referred to as invoice financing or accounts receivable factoring. Many companies can’t qualify for traditional bank loans. Even if a company qualifies for a bank loan,

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