Manufacturing Industry Overview 2019

The manufacturing industry is made up of a variety of companies. There is major competition within the industry that has made it a breeding ground for financial issues. There are a number of challenges that the industry faces today and in order to overcome them successfully, it’s important to have insight into all the possibilities included.

So if you too are looking to explore the manufacturing industry and know about all its challenges, here’s your chance. Read on and get enlightened!


Competitive Landscape

The manufacturing industry has further branches, and that’s the reason the competitive landscape varies from time to time. The demand in the industry depends on consumer spending, and that decides the profitability of each sector. Large corporations have a high profit market and with marketing potential, they tend to earn a huge chunk of the industry’s revenue. Compare it to small corporations who compete in the market with specialized products.


Skilled Labor

The baby boomers are at the age where they’re retiring, and that has caused a huge gap in skilled labor. The looming labor shortage is about to get even worse. By 2025, there will be around 3.5 million unfilled manufacturing jobs. The technology has advanced and the industry is in need of skilled labor that is able to keep up with the changing technology and is proficient in mathematics. Skilled labor that possesses an analytical mind is also in huge demand. The high tech skills required in the market is gradually, but surely, shifting the paradigm of the industry.

And once again, it’s the advanced technology in the industry that has come to save the day. Training for jobs has become easier with the help of augmented reality and virtual reality. People don’t have to be on the job to learn it. These tools have enabled the manufacturing industry to train their employees and hence, create a force of skilled labor that’ll help to fill the looming shortage.


Self Service

This is the digital age, and customers expect the best from the corporations in the industry. But in the race to maximize their profits, many corporations are leaving this factor behind. They are more concerned about their profits, which has made them incapable of fulfilling this dire need of customers. Even in this day and age, customers who are seeking information have to pick up their phones because there is a severe shortage of self service applications. It’s true that the industry has started working on this aspect, but it still has a long way to go.

Since manufacturing companies tend to deal with an array of customers, they are faced with different needs. Such companies sometimes deal with the end customer or directly with the contractor. As their direct customer changes, so do their requirements. So it’s fair to say that serving them all equally is a great challenge for all the industry players.

With self-service applications provided by each company, it’s not only possible to deal with the customers and their demand, but it’s also possible to retain loyal customers. These systems need to be automated, containing all the information that the customers potentially need. When timely and detailed information is available for all customers in a digital format, it’ll be easier for companies to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.


Project Management

The stressful timelines that manufacturing companies need to follow are essential if they need to increase their business. The cost and quality of the products and processes have to be controlled to ultimately increase the profits of the industry as a whole. And so, it all comes down to project management. If manufacturers miss important deadlines, they can incur losses that amount to millions of dollars. In such cases, having a grip on reality comes in handy.

As the project progresses, the manufacturing company must be able to make adjustments whenever required. If the processes are flexible, it’s possible to complete the project on time and not be confined by deadline constraints.



The overview of the industry can help you get great insights and hence help with your investment portfolio. Just by taking a look at the progress of the industry and the challenges it has to face, it’s possible to ascertain the growth potential. There have been many challenges for the market. Some of them have been overcome successfully, while there are many others that need to be addressed soon.

Most of the challenges the industry faces can be resolved with the help of a large fund. With capital on their side, it’s possible for companies and factories to fund an increasing number of projects in the future. All the manufacturing companies that are in dire need of funds can now finally have some relief. There are several non-bank lending institutes that provide easy loans on great terms.

But the best option that the market has to offer currently is invoice factoring. The easy terms put out by factoring companies have been helping the manufacturing industries face the challenges bravely.

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