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Over 45 Years of Success in Receivables Financing

Mazon Associates has been providing factoring services for more than 45 years. We’ve helped thousands of businesses achieve their financial goals. We consistently provide a first-class experience in accounts receivable financing. You can depend on Mazon for your cash flow needs.

Mazon Associates factoring company
Co-Presidents Lisa (Mazon) Hultz and Shelley (Mazon) Liegl.
Who we are

Texas Factoring Company

Mazon Associates is one of the oldest and most prestigious factoring companies in Texas. We’ve been providing invoice factoring services since 1976. Mazon has served clients in many different industries including construction, staffing, transportation, oilfield and business services.

We know the ins-and-outs of providing first-class invoice financing services. We don’t charge startup fees or monthly minimums. We offer a month-to-month contract for our factoring services, with no cancellation fee if you decide to leave for whatever reason.

Mazon Associates is a uniquely gifted and qualified group of individuals who genuinely care for their clients. Our mission is to help our customers grow their businesses, while providing first-class invoice factoring services with excellence, friendliness and integrity.

what we do

Invoice Factoring

We provide invoice factoring for businesses that need to improve cash flow. Factoring provides you cash upfront for your invoices, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your customers to pay on credit terms.

Our factoring rates are among the most flexible in the industry. We charge a flat rate, plus a small interest charge. Flat rates let you know your costs, no matter how long your customers take to pay. You also receive interest income on funds held in reserve.

The staff at Mazon Associates is friendly and professional. We take a genuine interest in each of our clients. Lisa Hultz is the President of Sales and Marketing. Get your company started, call Lisa at 800-442-2740.

Mazon Associates has been providing factoring services for more than 40 years. We’ve helped businesses in Texas and all across the United States grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals. 

Cash advances

Cash Advances

We provide same-day cash advances for your invoices, so you can fund your payroll, inventory and operating expenses.

Accounts receivable services

Accounts receivables

You can outsource your accounts receivables duties to us. We handle all the collections, accounting and reporting.

Credit services

Credit Services

We check the credit-worthiness of your customers and monitor their ability to pay. If necessary, we provide credit insurance.

Our Terms

We offer the most flexible terms in the industry.

No Startup Fees

We don't charge application or startup fees, so you can start factoring invoices with no out-of-pocket fees.

30-Day Cancellation

Our contract terms are month-to-month, so you can cancel at anytime with only a 30-day cancellation notice.​

No Minimums

We don't charge monthly minimum fees, so you don't get charged when you don't factor invoices.

Invoice factoring
Why choose us


FactoringClub award 2024

Excellent terms of service

We offer the most reasonable fees and terms in the industry. You won’t be surprised with hidden costs, escalating fees, or expensive minimum charges. You can cancel our factoring services at anytime with only 30-days notice.

Outstanding customer service

Mazon Associates has been awarded FactoringClub’s Best Factoring Company for the past 4 years for consistently providing our clients excellent service in accounts receivable financing.

Proven industry leadership

Mazon Associates is the oldest family-owned factoring company in the Southwest. We have developed a solid reputation throughout the United States as a dependable, reliable and trustworthy partner. 


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