How To Leverage Social Media For Profits

Creating a sustainable social media campaign doesn’t come with a guide and the promise of results. It’s just recently that marketers have realized the importance of including social media as a part of their marketing mix. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have proved their worth in the market, and organizations just can’t get enough of the convenience they provide. Facts state that over 55% of customers who engage with brands on social media are prompted to take further action.

So there’s no denying the power of social media as the ultimate tool that can help businesses. So if you are a small business looking to leverage social media, you’re going to need some help.


Increase the Reach

You need to reach more customers if you wish to leverage social media to grow your business. If you wish to maximize your social media presence, this is a necessary step towards your ultimate goal. This way, you’ll have a better opportunity to reach customers and spread your content straight to where it counts the most. You can do this in a number of ways,  but the easiest way is by redirecting your website traffic to your social media pages. Doesn’t it sound easy enough? All you need to do is add your social media follow buttons on your website. If the placement is right, you wouldn’t need to put in so much effort to turn your website users into your social media followers. Even including sharing buttons to your content can help you reach potential customers and increase your outreach.


Email and Social Media Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of the marketing mix and you can use it to extend the reach of your business. By including social sharing and follow buttons to your emails, it’s possible to not only reach potential clients but also help your business grow.


Lead Management

You need to be aware of your leads and to gather all the intelligence, you need to invest in a lead management software. Marketing automation tools can help you produce a good mix of content so that your social media updates don’t bore your clients.


Sales Prospecting Chances

Even your sales team can reap the benefits of social media leads. If you wish to explore the area further and empower your sales team, provide them some basic training on how they can use social media as an important part of the process. Once they learn how to identify valuable information that is available via social media, it’ll help them engage with leads, which will ultimately lead to more sales each day.


Unique Hashtag

Yes, it’s true that hashtags run social media, so if you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors, you’ll need a creative hashtag to help you scale that path. Your hashtag must be unique yet simple enough for your potential customers to understand. You can go for the most common hashtags and include a few unique ones in between to gain more traction along the way.


Create and Share Exciting Stories

People are always on the lookout for quick news, and by sharing your stories on Facebook, you can help your customers get that information they are looking for. When your viewers have the option to share your story, it’ll help your business. When users share your story with their networks, you stand to gain more customers, who inspired by your stories, want to become a part of your loyal clientele. Highlight your stories and use them to inform your customers about your business.



With the help of these tips and some much needed guidance, it’s possible for businesses to achieve their desired level of success. After all, this is the digital era and working in coherence with the industry standards is what will eventually pay off. As long as you follow the given directions and make them a vital part of your social media marketing strategy, you can reap the advantages they have to offer.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Since everyone is already following the conventional social media marketing tactics, you can fare well with a unique approach. The individual websites may provide the most benefits, but it’s important for businesses to understand that there’s a whole world outside these walls.

In spite of these tactics, small businesses may find it hard to leverage social media. Why, you ask? There may be other reasons for this shortcoming, but the most significant one is lack of capital. With small business facing such a challenge with banks, it’s up to the non-bank lenders to save the day. Invoice factoring companies are providing the opportunity for businesses to flourish.

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